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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 46 – Jim’s Trek – Another 18.0 Miles – Egg Yolks

Good Day,

I have gone over the hump. Today’s mileage, 18 miles and I’m still going. January 17 is Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day… Accordingly if one has held out and continued to follow a New Year’s resolution, at this point in the new year, it means that you may be successful in carrying on to one’s goal. I think I can count my Trek… And I think my secret is to start the resolution some time before January 1.

I have now pedaled my Schwinn 150 through Atlanta, Georgia. I am on the Northside Parkway at the Atlanta Girls School, at about Pine Meadow Road NW. I’m headed northward in the direction of Chattanooga, Tennessee. My total mileage now is 651.3 miles.

Okay, I do believe in freedom of speech, and I’m not really a fan of Florida Governor Rick Scott, and I have a bit of a time getting my mind around this. “Satanists planning rally for Florida Gov. Rick Scott.” On January 25 a group of “Satanists” plan on holding a rally in favor of Governor Scott signing of a bill that allows students to pray at school events. Don’t know which side of the aisle I’ll sit?

Phosphatidylcholine; egg yolk or soy beans – brain food? I know what I asking for Christmas… or at least the end of my Trek. And then again one can get an egg memory stick...

Supper; Garlic roasted mushrooms with pasta and fresh rustic bread. Mushrooms, garlic, olive oil, basil, oregano, and pasta. Easy, quick, and tremendous.

Thomas & Sarah episode – matchmaking scam… It will be a wonder what human scams the writers and producers can fit into the complete series. And talking about scam/spam, do not the Russian Brides spammers get a hint???



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