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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 57 – Jim’s Trek – 18.5 Miles – Inspiration In Tennessee

Good Day,

My Trek continues this morning and I complete my 18.5 miles. I am located somewhere in Tennessee headed northwest on TN-111/TN-8, toward Mountain View Road.

I was wondering of the Google employees who traverse this world with the cameras mounted on their vehicle. Might be a reasonable type occupation. This morning’s 2009 image is nice crisp one of the road and surroundings. The black patterns on the tar top reminds of quilt artist, Joe Cunningham.

My next Interlake address goal is about 270 miles north and I am headed that way. I’ve got 2,503.5 miles, of my original Tampa to Seattle goal to go.

A favorite Chinese delivery establishment closed down much to our chagrin. Luckily I learned a number of years ago, in about 1976, to throw a wok on the stove… thank you Mr. Rose… and have been able to turn out a relatively good substitute. The other night I decided I needed some chicken and bok choy. As stir-frying is such a quick process, the big deal is the mise-en-place, making sure that everything is prepped and ready to go. The cooking, takes a couple of minutes… and then supper is ready.

My Upstairs, Downstairs spin-off, Thomas & Sarah ended its 13th episode, and first season… with a proverbial cliffhanger. I just discovered that there had been planned a second season but due to an ITV strike in 1979 it was not released. Somewhere in the depths of video-land there are at least four more episodes. A Cannon buried in Flowers.

Now back to working on my new quilt wall hanging design, Cosmos’ Moon.

Be healthy, and enjoy,


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