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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 44 – Jim’s Trek – Two Goals: 8th Interlake Address and 600 Miles

Good Day,

I’m running, or should I say cycling a wee bit on the late side today… but I did do my 18.0 miles on my Schwinn 150. Today I finished two of my intermediary goals. I have reached, to date, 615.3 miles. I, also have reached my 8th Interlake address goal; Interlake Pass in McDonough, Georgia.

My location is at the intersection of Atlanta and Woodruff Streets. I am headed north towards Atlanta. I have now found my next Interlake address, and you will have to stay tuned to hear.

Last night’s supper was a combination of Asian dishes; Montreal dry, garlic, spareribs and Kongnamulbap. From the recollections and tastes of my years in Montreal, Chinese dry garlic spareribs are always a fond craving. These are chopped and small bite-sized pork spareribs that are prepared to die for. And none of the Asian restaurants, deliveries, or take-outs in Tampa makes them this way.

The Kongnamulbap is something I’ve never attempted before, let alone try to pronounce the name. Rice, bean sprouts, Cremini and a sauce. Sauce – Soya sauce, Garlic, Green Onion, Onion, Honey, Hot pepper flakes, Green Chili pepper, Sesame Oil, and toasted sesame seeds.

And dessert, Cranberry Lemon Cheese Cake Bars… and yes, homemade. Light and really, really good.

Today I'm making loaves of no-knead bread...

Today’s episode of Thomas & Sarah… “I didn’t know that he had a neck until he broke it.”

Stay tuned, and enjoy,


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