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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 52 – Jim’s Trek – 18.5 Miles and Tennessee – Chicken Scaloppini and Bread Pudding

Good Day,

This morning I crossed, on my Schwinn 150, the state line from Georgia into Tennessee. My 18.5 miles has me heading to the heart of Chattanooga. My current location is at the intersection of Rossville Boulevard and East 34th Street, East Lake in the southern part of Chattanooga. And Max is a wee bit bored with my Trek.

I have now totaled 760.5 miles in my Trek, and I’m still going. My next Interlake address goal is about 310 miles north.

The Trek is certainly helping me to keep my weight running at a close to even keel, but I seem to be eating a wee bit more. My 18.5 miles per day is burning approximately 470 calories, so I guess I got to make it up somehow.

Supper last night – A Green Salad, Chicken Scaloppini with Oyster Mushroom and Black Olive Tomato Sauce and new potatoes. Dessert – Homemade bread pudding. Invitation is always open. Just email me to catch me.

And today will go down in the annals of history as “those were the days”… Today is Handwriting Day. PCs, notebooks, iPads, and Smart Phones, we’ll soon have to change this to “Hunt and Peck Day”.

Today’s episode of Thomas & Sarah had flim-flam actors against poppycock all intertwined in a scheme of tomfoolery… And interesting chapter of the adventures of Thomas and Sarah.

I continue to health and to my next Interlake address destination.



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  1. Interesting about National Handwriting Day...especially since they don't even teach it anymore. Left a note for a 12 year old re some chores, when I asked why they weren't done I was told she didn't know how to read "cursive"