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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 59 – Jim’s Trek – 19.0 Miles – Chopped

Good Day,

Today is the end of the 2nd month. I increased my morning mileage to 19.0. I am targeting in on my top daily goal of 20.0 miles per day. I’m now on the Smithville Highway, north of McMinnville, Tennessee. Again happenstance, I thought of setting up an ancillary goal of hitting as many Smith locations along the way, but I figured that I truthfully do not have an additional 150 years.

Radar is not too impressed.

I’m at the intersection of Smithville Highway and Vandagriff Road headed north to Smithville. Just wondering if any of the Google Maps road images show a snow covering. Right now the outside temperature at my Tennessee location is 33° F On my Schwinn 150 it is now a pleasant 72° F.

For supper last night I attempted a Chopped meal entrée. Ingredients - grouper fillets, squid ink pasta, roasted red peppers, Thai chilies, and frozen green peas. Kitchen was a mess, but supper dish tasted good with a slice of St. Elizabeth bread. My way of consuming those half used and leftover ingredients sitting in the pantry and refrigerator...

MJ and Bubba Tampa circus fiasco is finally over... Where the hell do shock jocks have their grey matter implanted to have the lame brained audacity to use tax-payers' monies to purportedly attempt to boost their market share and listening audience?  The should both enroll at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College.  Wanna-be Bozos.

Upstairs Downstairs episode this morning provides a number of starts to a number of stories and plot-lines. The show is providing the typical tell-tale attraction that keeps an audience coming back for more. I wonder how, we have always been enamored with cliff-hangers. Upstairs Downstairs is my morning fare, Downton Abbey for the PM.

And my Trek continues.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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