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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 48 – Jim’s Trek – Another 18.0 Miles – Preparation For 2032 Olympics

Good Day,

This morning I completed my 18.0 miles. I’m on my way to my next Interlake address location. I’m headed North West on the Joe Frank Harris Parkway SE. My location is at the intersection of Collins Drive in north Cartersville, Georgia. Google Maps does not to have the teeny little photo man working this afternoon, and therefore the satellite view from 100 feet. The “B” is my location.

This morning I attended the swimming tryouts for the 2032 Summer Olympics. The instructor is Elmo and he has certainly developed a dynamic new technique for the future of the backstroke… Head in water, legs up at a 90° angle… Hey maybe that’s three gold medals.

Last night supper pan-fried Grouper and roasted eggplant – two types, broccoli, and red onion. Freshly baked rustic bread. Definitely keeping my calories down… but I had to have a fudge chocolate milkshake for dessert.

And the Russian Brides are baaaaack. More spam email in my junk mail folder. I truly wonder how dense the spammers really are, and to top it all there is NO description in one of the emails only a hyperlink. Do recipients actually open these emails? Do the spammers really have a number of patsies who are that naïve… or desperate?

A new spammer has started – Asian Beauties… obviously the spammers do not understand that the majority of their junk email is wasted. Or is it? I wonder if there is a way to re-target the spammers as we once did the junk mail senders. I used to, and still do, cross off my address and then write in block letters DECEASED – RETURN TO SENDER.

This morning’s episode of Thomas & Sarah, it was for speed at low-tide. The quirkiness of this series is that the writers and the produces are scripting scenarios of characters shonking each other… Everyone appears to be a con merchant.

687.3 miles, and I'm still not bored.



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