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Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 10 63/64 – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel - And The Croaking Stands Together

Good Day,

The echoes in this bloody house resonate now with the similar early morning calls of the frogs and toads, ranas and grenouilles and crapauds, in abundance living in the conservation area beyond the pool deck. Croak, croak, hack, hack, and harrumph. This flu thing runs about one week, and I will certainly be glad that at my final 64th I should be getting back on my Schwinn 150.

All-things-being-equal I will be restarting my Trek on my Schwinn 150 from Seattle, now North Portland to Tampa tomorrow. Stay tuned… and yes I did have Rupert books.

And this explains it all – Oh, #Florida! – Entry 23: Why does Florida produce so much weird news? Our experts explain… by Craig Pittman for Slate, July 31, 2013. “If you live in Florida, you follow the news in a certain way. When big news happens somewhere in the country, people in other states say, “Oh my goodness!” or “What the—?” But we Floridians will scan a story like that muttering, “OK, where's the Florida connection?”” Bloody right, and this is only entry number 23... Start with Entry 1: True facts about the weirdest, wildest, most fascinating state... and you’ll be nodding your head with me in tandem assent.

Guess this is why Fox 13 in Tampa Bay always seems to follow up a major national or international new story with their seemingly local comparison and connection.

Still working on the quilting pattern for Blumish Two quilt. Attempt number three now on the way. Sea Foam afghan keeps growing…

Be healthy, I’m trying… and enjoy,


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