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Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 20 - (AD 243) – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.1 Miles – Gilchrist, Oregon

Good Day,

Today’s cycling on my Schwinn 150, I finished 21.1 miles. My total return, Seattle to Tampa, mileage is now 418.9.

I am currently on The Dalles California Highway, and I am a wee bit north of the community of Gilchrist, Oregon.

As I went to IKEA yesterday, I thought that a Swedish meatball supper would be the fare-de-jour for supper last night. The Cream Sauce or Gräddsås, pronounced graad-sauce, is probably the most difficult part to create. A package, water, and cream to make the Gräddsås. But I was a wee bit puzzled at the expectancy of 1 ⅕ cups of water. I do not have any measuring cup graduated in fifths… And then I tried Tångkorn, pronounced tonguecorn. Looks like caviar. English on the label – Seaweed topping; Google translation – Seaweed barley. It tastes like a dull caviar.

Recollections of my favorite character on The Muppet Show – Swedish Chef… and one of his most recent mixtures, Popcorn Shrimp.

Sea Foam afghan has now lengthened to 44 inches. By my calculations we have now 12 more inches to complete the inner top before the perimeter border is constructed.  The quilting continues on our Blumish Two. It is a wonder to behold the results.

My viewing pleasure to my cycling this morning was Mad Men – Season 2 Episode 4. This definitely is a modern day retro soap-opera. A new Parish priest is introduced, and there may be something happening, thematically for Peggy. And the theme is, are, work, power, sex, smoking, and drinking.

And I continue my Trek.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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