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Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 146 – (AD 371) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.0 Miles – Texas Before Christmas on My Schwinn 150

Good day,

The first thing I did this morning was to realize that the verticals blinds were on schedule to be replaced and fixed. Next I discovered that the air conditioning unit was on the fritz; it would not turn off. And Christmas is a’coming and the turkey is getting fat.

I panicked. More money out the door for repairs. So I just sat down and wrote my morning pages. I just wrote and wrote the words that came to mind. Took me about 20 minutes to reach my daily target of 750 words.

Nice Christmas present. Vertical blinds over French Doors, company installed over 10 years ago, had to be sent in to be fixed as all the coordinating pull cords had broken. Invoiced billing - 1 cent. Seriously. Thank you Empire Today.

I called my air conditioning service to schedule an appointment. We scheduled a time today and while on the phone, the heaven-sent representative asked me if I had checked the “auto-on” switch. Nope. And guess what? Gift number two. We cancelled the scheduled appointment.

Thank you morning pages.

This late morning, on my Schwinn 150 I cycled 21.0 miles. My total miles equal 7,393.1.

I am heading south on my Trek on TX-110 S toward County Road 4719. My next Interlake goal address is about 188 miles away.

Enjoyed last night supper of Russian Cabbage Soup. Definitely something that I would make again. Check out Jim’s Gotta Eat.

And our BW 1950 quilt and wall hanging is taking shape. Still not sure that it looks like who it supposed to be. But it is an abstract. Check out our progress at Quilts SB.

Almost finished the last edging to our new Vanderbilt afghan. Damn it looks good, if I can boast. Will be posting complete details at Afghans SB in a couple of days. It is a secret.

And I received a very nice and impromptu email from Mr. Jeremiah Adams. Mr. Adams claims to be a civil servant and the director in charge of auditing and accounting of the African Development Bank in Cotonou, Benin, Republic of West Africa. This time the gift is a mere $9.5 million.

You should notice that I have not capitalized Mr. Adams’ titles and position. Neither did he in his email. His email is quite a lengthy missive that extols the possibility that if he, that is, Mr. Jeremiah Adams, does anything above board there may be a problem. And, I’m paraphrasing just a wee bit, Mr. Adams is looking for a sucker, “i got your impressive information through our banking search.” Plain and simple. I guess he, Mr. Adams, that is, can see the word “SUCKER” tattooed plainly on my forehead when he spies at me through my net camera.

Okay, okay, it would be nice to receive a $9.5 million dollar gift just on the eve before Christmas. Mr. Jeremiah Adams, who wrote the email with a France address, writes explicitly that “May i at this point emphasize that this transaction is 100% risk free…” But how can I trust someone who never capitalizes his occupation or his constant use of the pronoun “i”, (him). Even my PC wants to automatically capitalize it to the correct “I”.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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