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Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 137 – (AD 360) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 22.0 Miles – More on My Schwinn 150

Good day,

And I had errands to run today, those that caused me just to shift some of my priorities. But I did get my cycling on my Schwinn 150 done. I cycled another 22.0 miles and I burned 660 calories. The rewards that I am definitely relishing, due to this crazy cycle and Trek thing, are the ones that assuredly compliment me on the way that I am now looking. Most definitely, Thank You. And right now my eyes are so dilated that I am just watching my screens encompassed in a haze and fog.

My location this morning was on the US-380 E east of Decatur, Texas and headed toward N County Line Road. I have now got 7,198.3 miles physically under my legs. Not bad for an almost old dude just shy of one week of beginning my 63rd year on this earth.

And I keep hearing ads on the radio for Pajamagram. When the announcer states that anyone can get Christmas pajamas for the whole finally including the cat and dog, I can only shake my head in disbelief. And yes I found the website. But it is the poor dog and cat. And yes I know that the models are paid for their time and hairspray, but just who in the hell buys Christmas pajamas for the whole family including the dog and cat? I am at a loss trying to get my head around whether we have we really come to this?

It is almost, not quite, but almost as bad as the Santa repartee that exited of the mouth of the Fox channel’s Megyn Kelly. Are we actually employing people to further dumb down the inhabitants on this planet?

Okay my blood pressure is down now. Actually I can actually say that I am glad that I have become obsessed with my cycling…for now, and after 360 days. And I was privy to hear a clip of a discussion and interview with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. (JK, good name.) Guess what I am doing is what he does proselytize.

My viewing pleasure this morning was a wee bit screwed up. That is, my Netflix connection on my Chromecast wasn’t working. So I actually watched the next episode of The 4400 on my iPad. It worked.

Our Blumish Two and our Tampa Lightning quilts are mailed and on their way to the West Palm Beach and the World Quilt Show – Florida V. Work on our BW 1950 quilt has begun and it is amazing at the sizes of the pieces. All five bands of our new Vanderbilt afghan have been finished. Three have been edged.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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