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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day 148 – (AD 374) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 20.7 Miles – Merry Day After Christmas in Texas on My Schwinn 150

Good day,

Yes I’m back on my Schwinn 150. You know it could have been just as easy not to get on and attempt another 20.7 miles. On the day after Christmas, Boxing Day north of the 49th Parallel, I have now completed a total of 7,434.1 miles.

This Trek has me now moving in a southeasterly direction in Texas. I am headed to my next and 36th Interlake address goals. This morning I am located at the intersection of US-69 S/Rusk Street and Wright Patman Drive. My 36th goal point is just about 150 miles away.

I have some questions. Why do people and governments get uptight regarding the simple act of remembering the passing of those who are no longer here? Is it that there is a concern that those present cannot learn from the past and move on? Is it the concern that those who cannot judge for themselves be as “sheep who have gone astray”? Is the human mind and sense of reasoning is compared to that of a lowly ovine?

Did you know that there are now about 7 million wild turkeys in the United States?

The 4400 continues to be my viewing companion. This morning especially, as I wasn’t interested in cycling even though I did, watching The 4400 kept my mind attuned to what was happening on the TV screen and I was not focusing on “how long will this bloody exercise take?”

Our Vanderbilt afghan was completed.  It is now at its new home in Florida.  Check Afghans SB for details.

Be healthy and enjoy your flock of turkeys,


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