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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 134 – (AD 357) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 22.0 Miles – Yes, Still Texas on My Schwinn 150

Good day,

And I cycled 22.0 miles this morning on my Schwinn 150. I am now burning an average of about 634 calories each and every time I cycle. Since I began my exercise I have lost about 7.6 pounds. Not much, but it is the changes to my body mass and the reduction of my waist that are just amazing. I have lost 11 ½” on my waist and the new 34” shorts that I recently bought now need to be taken in.

Today I cycled, virtually, through the City of Graham in north central Texas. The population is about 9,000. From my location on US-380 E I am somewhere northeast of Graham and I am headed towards Jacksboro.

I am beginning to truly wonder about the brainwaves and neo-inspired meteorological coverage by our local media. Currently at just about Noon in Tampa, with all my windows open and barefoot, the temperature is 79.6° F. The humidity is 68% and there is a 12% change of precipitation. If you ask me, that is the almost perfect weather, just the way that I would like to live for the rest of my days. So where does our “esteemed” media have the audacity to throw out the headlines this morning, “Cold front will bring slight heat relief to Tampa”? What relief? Cold is cold. It ain’t relief if I have to put any socks on. I think the weather people should stick to studying the weather and let someone else write their text.

Today I completed the 12th week and all the tasks of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. Bingo… and I am ready to move on to my next writing adventure.

All five bands have been finished for our new afghan Vanderbilt. Now begins the edging of each. The third color has been chosen. The design is in process.  Check back to Afghans SB for progress.

Work on another new quilt wall hanging design started. It is to be created by a combination of 0.8" squares and triangles with a third side equal to 1.13". Okay I am crazy but Andy took my design and calculations and then came back with an amazing sample. Small stitches and open pressing. Now we have to sort the fabrics.  See details at Quilts SB.

Began the 3rd season of The 4400. I think I have figured out a couple of reasons why the producers stopped the series. Lost was one of the competitive series aired by ABC just about the same time in 2004. It is just a ratings’ game. And since I have never seen Lost, guess what might be my next cycling viewing companion.

Enjoy and be healthy,


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