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Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 149 – (AD 375) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.9 Miles – Lufkin, Texas on My Schwinn 150

Good day,

Up and at ‘em, Jim. Today I cycled 21.9 miles on my Schwinn 150. Total miles now equal 7,456.0. I think I can see 7,500, no pun intended, just around the bend.

My Trek now has me located, virtually, just south of the City of Lufkin, Texas; population about 35,100. Accordingly, Lufkin is in Deep East Texas…As opposed to Shallow Texas? I am now headed south on US-59 S/U.S. Hwy 59 S/S 1st St.

New learning for me this morning. On the Smithsonian Channel I watched, while cycling, the 2008 production, The Accordion Kings: The Story of Colombian Vallenato Music. A competition, in Columbia, when once every decade musicians battle for the title of Accordion King. The heart of the music is the Vallenato, pronounced By-ye-na-to. Wonder where I can get an accordion?

Oh and it appears that I am just about getting into the range of the wild turkey. I think I have a craving for a Turducken.

Be healthy and enjoy your flock of turkeys,


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