Jim's Trek V, my exercise journey now on my Schwinn 170 from Tampa to parts unknown...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 95 – (AD 525) – Jim's Trek Part III – 21.4 Miles – Just A Bit Past Cocklebiddy in Western Australia on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

And this morning I cycled and pedaled 21.4 miles on my Schwinn 170.

My virtual location for those of you following my Trek is...I am still on the Eyre/National Highway and now a bit west of Cocklebiddy. Cocklebiddy is another small roadhouse community and it is known for its underground caves and lakes. I suppose all, if any, water drains down to the underground lakes.

Thanks CN for suggesting Les Revenants (The Returned) as my viewing companion while I cycle. This French series is somewhat similar to The 4400 with a much darker twist. The visual scenery is very good and I do like the pace of the French, with subtitles of course. That was the first part of my cycling. Next I switched across the Channel to Fawlty Towers and Basil is trying to communicate with Manuel in his bastardized Spanish. French, English, and Spanish while cycling.

Can someone please explain something to me? Why are there persons on social media sites, (one would hope beyond the age of maturity), who feel that they have to make irrational and and unfounded comments? The one thing that social media has brought to light is that there are so many people hoping around on a single foot, taking only a moment-in-time to rest, open wide, and change feet. (Oh and a moment-in-time is a propositional phrase.)

And I tried to create a variation on Khao Mau Gai.  The Chicken breast was poached in a ginger, garlic, chicken broth.  The rice was steamed with the same plus pickled peppercorns.  The plate looked pretty bland. But the sauce was a concoction of Soya sauce, vinegar, red chilies, garlic, ginger, Garlic Black bean paste and sugar.  Damn, I could make a meal of the sauce on its own!

If you are reading this blog and just so happen to be somewhere along my route in Australia please feel free to drop me a line at jsmith58@gmail.com. Certainly would welcome it.

Trying to be healthy and keep on pedaling.