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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 10 7/8 – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – I Still Feel Like… Well No Schwinn 150 Today

Good Day,

And the flu has certainly seized me this time. There is no way that this old body is getting on my Schwinn 150 this morning. I thought I could but oh well maybe again tomorrow. I am still located virtually in North Portland and believe it or not mentally I am sort of itching to get on with the cycling part of my trip. I need to get back to Tampa.

This morning I decided that I’d make myself a bowl of Congee. I just threw some chicken broth, chopped up leftover chicken, leftover rice, green peas, garlic, ginger, a Scotch Bonnet, Soya sauce, and a tad of sesame oil in a pot. I then boil the Congee concoction and then let it simmer for at least 30 minutes. All-things-being-equal it should probably cook for a much longer period of time to allow for a further gruel-ish breakdown of the rice.

In most that I have researched and read to date Congee appears to be a common Asian meal to eat during an illness, “as it is believed the porridge is easy to digest while being fortifying,” and “it is most often served as a meal on its own, especially when one is ill.

Thank you J&B for the fresh Scotch Bonnets.

I worked on our Sea Foam afghan last night and added a couple of inches to the length. We decided last night that as it was one of our first wall hanging quilts and that when we created the original construction in our early quilt days, it needed a redo. The quilt is Warhol's Marilyn. The deconstruction has begun. Check at Afghans SB and Quilts SB for updates.

Be healthy, and enjoy,


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