Jim's Trek V, my exercise journey now on my Schwinn 170 from Tampa to parts unknown...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 218 – Jim’s Trek – 21.1 Miles – The Countdown On My Schwinn 150 Begins

Good Day,

Today my cycling on my Schwinn 150 I hit another 21.1 miles; my total to date 4,111.4.

I’m headed in a northwesterly direction on US-2/US-97. I am en route between Monitor, population 342, and the City of Cashmere, population 3,075. The upper right inserted image is of 1940s Cashmere.

I’m creating a map of my virtual trip through North America. I’m using Google Maps to include all my 24 Interlake address goals that I have reached thus far. I still have two more to go before I finish my Trek.

And then The Pack needed their afternoon walk. The five of us complete a short mile every late afternoon, rain or shine...and a number of times we've been caught in a refreshing downpour. We started this about the same time I started the Trek on my Schwinn 150. Radar on the right has caused a couple of disruptions to our routine trot, but he's always ready to tag, skip, prance, sniff, stop, and eat the blasted dried up worms along the way.

Can we add another 218 miles to the overall regime?

Supper last night - Steak on the bar-b-que, grilled corn on the cob, baked potatoes and roasted red onion...and an ice-cream sundae. Blood sugar clocked in at 101.

Interesting article this morning at The Raw Story, by Eric W. Dolan – Study: Pianists have greater desire to learn by feel less competent than guitarists.Pianists seem to be under more pressure to learn specific musical structures in specific ways; guitarists often learn with more freedom and autonomy.” Question – What happens when one attempts to play both?

Following up on another online article that caught my eye… How I learned to Stop Worrying about Email Hacking. Well I clicked on the link to be transported to the words of wisdom, and I got the following message: “This webpage is not available”. My Internet server had crashed.

This morning I watched part two of The Laramie Project. Question – We have progressed somewhat since Matthew Shepard lost his young life, and not being defeatist, but has hatred between persons or segments of society changed much? Not sure if I’m asking the correct question and I know that the media appears to be in a fast-forward increase-the-hype mode…but I’m just wondering.

Just a point of note, I not in a down mood cause my biorhythms for today indicate that intellectually I am high, emotionally I am moving into positive territory, and physically I should be struggling.

Anyway, be healthy and enjoy,