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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 215 – Jim’s Trek – 22.0 Miles – 207 Miles Left To My Seattle Destination

Good Day,

Yes, the house is now cleaned; sort-of…and I did complete my cycling this morning on my Schwinn 150. Today I managed to finish 22.0 miles.

I am located, still in Washington, on US-2 W but the road has another name: 12th Road NE. I am northeast of the Sun Lakes Dry Falls State Park and the Dry Falls Heritage Area. The road and the expanse are definitely flat. Wonder if we, that is, the United States will ever run out of the need for real living space?

And I am just asking whether Edward Snowden can hack the Spanish classes at Rosetta Stone? Just thinking out-loud… sort-of.

Very good news for Tampa, but I do have a question. Why are not the International Indian Film Academy’s Weekend & Awards held in India?

I have a lot of questions today. Must be the result of pushing a mop-broom.

Viewing pleasure this morning was the SyFy show Continuum. I’m intrigued but can’t say if it will last more than two more seasons.

Another question. Am I misguided when I think that the current and new shows being offered on the Learning, Discovery, and History channels appear to be “dumbing-down” in the level of presentations? Is there really a call for the exponential growth of reality shows depicting the life and times of hillbillies? Poor old Granny must be fixin’ a new pot of her “roomatiz medicine”. And here’s a question: What was Jed’s late wife’s name?

Even though I am still on a genealogy retreat from my search and research, I did post to my A Genealogy Hunt. Check it out - Part 857ja - Smith Robertson Genealogy - July and Abraham - Île de Gorée, Sénégal.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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