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Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 9 – (AD 234) – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.1 Miles – Today on My Schwinn 150 in Oregon

Good Day,

As you can see from my biorhythm cycles on the right, today I am at the top in my Physical cycle and near the bottom of my other two: Intellectual and Emotional. I truly did not have the wherewithal to get on my Schwinn 150… Sort of got the blahs.

But I did get on my Schwinn 150 even though I really pussy-footed around trying to give myself an excuse not to exercise. I couldn’t. And so I got on my cycle and decided that I would just plug away.

This morning after my 21.1 miles I definitely fulfilled my Physical motivation… and I can say that I am definitely in a better tune and frame of mind especially to my Intellectual and Emotional cycles. I am located in Oregon headed south on the Lower Columbia River Highway. I am also closing in on the intersection of Fullerton Road.

My next two Interlake/Interlachen/Interlaken goal points are about, from where I am now located, in my virtual world, 35 and 40 miles away, give or take.

The image to the left is "Ladies on The Boardwalk".  It is something that I created quite a number of years ago. I am sure that I was inspired by a work. I did not note down the possible artist. And this is where I go completely blank. Does anyone have an idea who may be, if not me, the original artist to this or something similar? I have started working on designing our new “Ladies on The Boardwalk” as a quilt/wall hanging. Andy I have been discussing what we would like to do and how we would approach our project and construction.

Want to see more stay tuned to Quilts SB for updates and progress.

No Mad Men today.

Is there anyone out there in Internetland who likes Cheddar Cheese, Tomato, and Mayonnaise sandwiches? Just a plain and simple sandwich.  To me this has always been my sort of “comfort food”, that is, if I truly did have something I would call my “comfort food”. Just as I finished my cycling my Trek this morning, I had a quick craving for one… Medium sharp Cheddar Cheese, a perfect red ripe Tomato, Duke’s Mayonnaise, a dash of salt and pepper all sandwiched between two slices of seeded bread. Done... When’s lunch?

Be healthy and enjoy,


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