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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 219 – Jim’s Trek – 22.0 Miles – On My Schwinn 150 in The Rockies

Good Day,

Today I cycled 22.0 miles on my Schwinn 150. Total miles completed this 219th day – 4,133.4. I’m averaging now 19 miles a day and I doing it in about 1 hour and 6 minutes.

This morning my journey has me located, from a satellite viewpoint, on US-2 W headed north somewhere in The Rockies. From my vantage point I appear to be a wee bit east of Hatchery Creek, and I am following a river toward NF-112. Hatchery Creek appears to run into the river that follows US-2. I passed through the City of Leavenworth, Washington, population 1,970.

My belly measurement remains at 34 inches, 10 inches down from when I started my Trek. I also just measured my real waist; it figures in at 33 inches. Not bad for trying. Success!

Thanks to all the well-wishers and readers of my Jim’s Trek blog. I am actually quite surprised that there are as many taking notice, more than I truly expected. Since I began my Trek and writing my blog on November 28, 2012 there has been, according to Blogger Stats 15,505 Pageviews.

The following map is a mapping of my Trek including, to date all 24 Interlake address points. I had to cut and paste Goggle Maps productions as it appears that the program can only provide for 21 destinations. Oh, and yeah, I still have two more destinations to go and add.

This morning’s viewing pleasure is part one of Chicken Tikka Masala… And I thought it was a movie about food. Wrong. It is about being trying to be true to oneself… at the same time trying to juggle and understand familial wishes.

And Chantal appears to have gone up in a puff-of-smoke. All I know is that she’s a little Papillion that lives down the street and yelps at The Pack every time we walk by her house. Well I got to find out where Dorian now lives and maybe I may get a picture of him, at some point.

Supper last night was at Yummy House on West Waters. Chinese food fare and I try to get something different each time we go. I haven’t had the nerves as yet to order the Bitter Melon Frog Pot or the Sizzling Frog with Ginger Scallion.

Noticed that there is a new Jamaican restaurant at the end of the same strip mall, Ginja Bay Café. Got to stop in there one Saturday morning to try the Ackee and Salt Fish.

Only some few more miles to go. Be healthy and enjoy,


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