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Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 220 – Jim’s Trek – 22.5 Miles – 101 Left To Go

Good Day,

This morning I am on my Schwinn 150 on Highway US-2 W and and at the intersection of NF-6700. My 22.5 miles places me just east of Lichtenberg Mountain which peaks between Lichtenwasser and Valhalla Lakes. Lichtenberg Mountain tops at 5,844 feet. Cycling this morning, once again, at a resistance of 11 of 15 certainly provides my legs the distinct impression that I am sort-of moving in an upward grade.

My total miles on Day 220 on my Schwinn 150 now clocks in at 4,155.9 miles. Based on my calculations I have only 101 miles remaining to reach my final destination in Seattle. Damn, I just can’t believe that I have actually almost finished that which I set out to do. And you will not believe my last two destinations on this completion of my Trek.

All-things-being-equal, I should finish this first part of my journey this coming Wednesday.

I’m really thinking about what I need to do as an overall goal for my Jim’s Trek – Part II; the new Trek that I intend to start after I reach my final and ultimate Interlake destination in Seattle. I am mentally trying to formulate what exactly I do to take my exercise journey to the next level.

Not much to report on the supper front. I just had some leftover homemade turkey and chorizo soup/stew/chowder that I created a couple of days back.

And my Trek viewing this morning was part two of Chicken Tikka Masala. Now I think I want Indian food for supper tonight.

Gonna keep this posting short. Today I have to take my PC into the shop; the new motherboard and upgrades have arrived. I'll be using the Notebook and the iPad for the next couple of days.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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