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Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 216 – Jim’s Trek – 20.7 Miles – Still in the State of Washington

Good Day,

I completed my miles this morning on my Schwinn 150. Today I finished 20.7 miles. Obviously I'm still in Washington; I’m located on US-2 W at the intersection of Armstrong Road SW. I’m headed west and I believe I can see mountains in the distance.

Based on my calculations I still have about 186 more miles to go to reach my final Seattle destination.

One is never too young to learn something old. In 1976 I got my first wok. Thanks BR. I’m still using the same one, now for 37 years…but I never considered myself in any way a polished expert, just an ardent and progressive learner. I am currently reading a very good book published in 2004, The Breath of a Wok, by Grace Young and Alan Richardson…and I’m learning something new, Wok Hei.

I’m in a waiting room psyching myself to have blood withdrawn via 6-inch needles. Two observations in waiting room... One, parents or grandparents with children, in waiting rooms this day need to teach the child that posted symbols for No cellphones or Gameboys with sound means NO sound. Second observation, I wonder what are the purposes of luminescent lime tennis balls on walkers…and do they glow in the dark?

After sitting in this woebegone waiting room and as I close in on the final miles of my Trek, I vow that for the next six months I will not be a vocal proponent of discussing my ailments or physical limitations, unless there is an MD designation attached to the listener's moniker. Everyone in the waiting room had such sad and drawn faces.

Construction of the inner top of Tampa Kaleidoscope quilt is now complete. We are now addressing the design and creation of the framing and borders. A quilting pattern is in the works that we feel will best highlight but not supersede the impact of the hexagons. Blumish Two is now hanging on our quilt wall. We are trying to decide what best type of quilting will develop and highlight both the positive and negative spaces.

Sea Foam afghan is progressing well. About a third of the width of the inner portion of the afghan has been completed.

This morning’s in-cycle viewing please was Episode 5 of Season 2 of Continuum. It is starting to get interesting now. The mystery is who is who is who aligned with whom. All I can say the secret to my keeping up with my cycling on a daily basis has been me watching the TV serials and movies. I definitely make sure that there are NO interrupting commercials.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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