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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 85 – (AD 515) – Jim's Trek Part III – 21.3 Miles – Close to the Great Australian Bight on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning I cycled 21.3 miles on my Schwinn 170. Jim’s Trek III has now clocked 1,808.9 miles, 2,911.1 kilometers. (Oh and by the way, our Schwinn 170 now racks up about 36 miles almost every day. It certainly is getting its daily work-out.)

From my location today on the Eyre Highway I can see the Great Australian Bight in the short distance. I am now 894 miles from my next destination and goal point.

The image represents the limits of the Great Australian Bight (in red as defined by the International Hydrographic Organization, in green by the Australian Hydrographic Service).

Okay LH, does this mean that the Bermuda Triangle does in fact displace? Wandering, albeit floating, for almost 18 months what was it doing and where was NOAA 41010?

Working on some new quilt and wall hanging designs today. Wait til you see the new thoughts.

Oh yeah, crab-leg and potato boil and garbanzo bean salad. My early blood sugar count chimed in at 88.

If you are reading this blog and just so happen to be somewhere along my route in Australia please feel free to drop me a line at jsmith58@gmail.com. Certainly would welcome it.

Trying to be healthy,

And enjoy,


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