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Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 321 – (AD 751) – 21.8 Miles – Jim's Trek Part III – Cain’t Stop on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Spring has sprung and Max is allergic to his Buffalo Chicken and Brown Rice food. He’s been on a regime of Rabbit and Potato for some time now and his scratching and hypersensitive spots have cleared up. Guess what? One dog with one brand, three with another.

After running my early morning errands I pedaled another 21.8 miles on my Schwinn 170. My grand totals stand at 15,551.3 miles; 25,027.5 kilometers. Oh yeah I have now joined the 25,000+ km pedal club.

I am located, as if you didn’t know, on the Lasseter Highway, also called the Red Center Highway as well as State Route 4 in the Northern Territory. Red Center is certainly propos for this real but virtual landscape. I now have 96.8 miles to go to where I have to make my next direction decision.

My blood sugar count dropped 20 points to 101 this morning. 

Supper last night fried Flounder with baked Cauliflower, Japanese Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Turnips. (See my update at Jim’s Gotta Eat). I used some Truffle-infused oil on the vegetables. They were great, but could someone please tell me whether I am missing something, or I really do not have a truffle-sensitive palate. I keep hearing and reading the stories about truffles but I certainly cannot cite an “extraordinary” difference. I must be gauche. Period.

Did I mention that I will not ever order take-out from China One on North Dale Mabry Highway again? Not complaining about the service, just about the food. It certainly cannot even hold a candle to an authentic American Chinese food preparation. Best two Chinese restaurants in the area, in my opinion and near my home, Yummy’s and Hong Kong House.

Scientists Discover Another Earth and Another Earth may be 500 light years away.

Unveiled at a recent meeting of the American Astronomical Society, the planet Kepler-438b may be the Earth twin that researchers have long sought.  I wonder if there will be more detailed information from Google about Kepler-186f when I complete my Terra virtual trek.  Just a thought.

This artist's concept depicts Kepler-186f, the first validated Earth-size planet to orbit a distant star in the habitable zone -- a range of distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the planet's surface. Scientists have now discovered an even closer match to Earth's conditions for supporting possible life.(Photo: NASA)

The fabric order has been placed for our new quilt project Moon Over Bayshore. The ruffle for our new TBAJ has been completed.

This is my 800th Jim’s Trek post. According to Blogger Jim’s Trek has recorded, as of this morning, 60,394 Pageviews.

I welcome comments or thoughts or ideas. Please feel free to contact, email me at Jim’s Trek.

Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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