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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day 337 – (AD 767) – 21.7 Miles – Jim's Trek Part III – Yes It is a Graded Road On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

When I stumble out of bed and run outside to drop a couple of items into the outside containers for today’s garbage pick-up. I kept hearing a bell sound indicating that a load in the washer had completed its cycle. I was a bit confused. I couldn’t remember if I had slept-walked and completed some laundry.

I believe that there is a bird playing havoc with my early morning brain. This bird was tweeting exactly on the key the same signal, albeit beep, that my Bosch seems to emit when the load is done. Hell, I must have looked extremely dazed and confused. Damn…but bloody smart bird. Must have been a mockingbird.Or could it be a Mockingjay?

This morning, after shaking the bird song out of my head and starting a new load of laundry I got on my Schwinn 170 and pedaled 21.7 miles. I have now reached beyond the 15,900-mile-mark; actually 15,901.9; 25,591.7 kilometers.

Yes I believe the road is graded...but it certainly does not look paved, or much for the wear-and-tear of traffic jams. I am headed east on the Plenty Highway and still in the Northern Territory.

Well I got my early morning blood sugar to drop 13 points to 106 mg/dL. Obviously last night supper had one hell of lot to do with the reduction. I was able to create a meal of Yemenite Cod in Spicy Tomato Sauce and a Turnip and Carrot in Sour Cream Salad. This one goes to the top of the class… I’m not a food stager or photographer but image aside; I WOULD definitely recreate this one again. Did I ever say that I love food?

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Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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