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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 121 – Jim’s Trek – 20.6 Miles – Abs and 5-Minute Meals

Good Day,

This morning I’m on MN-55 W and just north of 110th Avenue. Definitely not too much to see, that is, unless you’re into brush and roads, sky and the evenly spaced power line poles. Looks like I’m going to be on my Schwinn 150 and my Trek for a couple more days to about a week in the State of Minnesota.

Saw myself in the mirror after I got off my Schwinn 150 this morning. I can see, I think, something is happening to my body. What are abs? Didn’t ever think I had any… On this 121st day my total mileage is at 2,080.9.

Supper last night, fast and quick – Jo’s Mountain Mush. Beef hot dogs, baked beans, potatoes, and onion, and hot sauce. Good, filling, and satisfying and very easy to put together. And too hell with the calories and the carbs... and I still burned off 610 calories this morning.

Emergency food with its own steam oven in a box, Chef 5 Minute Meals... And yes I’m going to try one or two… Hurricane season is just around the corner, and for some reason I just do not trust Tampa Electric Company.

The Duke of Suffolk quells the Peace March, but Thomas Cromwell definitely appears to be on his way out of favor in The Tudors. Henry, now married to Jane Seymour, take another mistress. “I am King. I can do anything.”

Andy’s nearing the end of the quilting of Cosmos’ Moon. We’re both extremely pleased. I will spend the rest of the afternoon boxing quilts and wall hangings getting them ready for destinations – Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; Galway, Ireland; and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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