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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 141 – Jim’s Trek – 21.7 Miles – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Good Day,

Today’s Trek on my Schwinn 150 has me cycling into Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am located on St. Mary’s Road at the intersection of Fermor Avenue. I am hungry for breakfast and I have decided to stop in at Junior’s. According to Yelp reviews, food ranks at 4 ½ Stars.

This morning I journeyed 21.7 and I have now racked up 2,498.3 miles. My side trip to Winnipeg and beyond has taken me a wee bit north, on my route to Seattle. I think I will be turning west in a couple of days. My daily target of 600 calories burned was reached.

And now I really can’t believe the absurdity of some banks. I had to replace the air conditioning/heat pump in the house a couple of months back. The decision was made to take a quick no-interest-pay-back-in-12-months’ loan. Up to this point no problem. The payments have been going fine and an additional number of repayments were made to get it off the debt books as quickly as possible, even before the 12-month period runs down.

Repayments have been a relatively simple electronic procedure – I initiate an electronic instruction from my bank account which creates an electronic withdrawal of the funds from my main bank, another financial institution. All of a sudden I was stopped from making any more electronic payments. (I still could make payments by mail or by phone.) Electronically, which I feel is the quickest, simplest, and cleanest… and note, this is what I used to do for a living on behalf of the companies I worked for… I tried to initiate an additional electronic transaction. I was stymied. I could not understand why the electronic banking system would not work or allow me to send any more money.

I finally called the financial institutions Customer Service… (the Call Center was obviously somewhere in North America), and explained my predicament. After a couple of minutes, and a very polite Call Center Representative, it was explained to me that, conditionally, I was only allowed to initiate three electronic payments to my account during the course of any one month. Damn, I can’t even make extra electronic payments to my outstanding loan if I want to. The bank, which is named for an early postal service, does not want to allow me to send them money to pay off my debt. This is definitely one for the books.

This morning, for my viewing pleasure, I decided to enjoy another Sir John Gielgud movie endeavor, Arthur. Classic lines…and British sarcasm, Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli  Sir John Gielgud garnered an Oscar for his best supporting role.

On the menu, at home tonight is my attempt at Spaghetti with Garlicky Shrimp and Broccoli. We’ll see...but it does sound good.

Our quilts - Coral Steps, Colored Windows II, and MEM911 - have arrived in Galway, Ireland. Cosmo’s Moon has made it to Salt Lake City and is scheduled to be delivered today. EssbeeCon has just left Lenexa, Kansas enroute to Denver. Check out their images on The Grid at our Quilts SB site.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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