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Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 143 – Jim’s Trek – 20.8 Miles – IT Does Get Bloody Cold!

Good Day,

Today I finished 20.8 miles on my Schwinn 150 Trek. I am now located at a point on MB-8 N and just about at the intersection of Matlock Road. I am to the west of Matlock and Lake Winnipeg. Matlock is really a resort community with a very small number of year-round residents. Matlock is considered the southernmost part of the Village of Dunnotar; full-time population in somewhere in the vicinity of 670.

It appears that I am in the middle of almost nowhere. But… when I check out my location on a satellite picture from Google, it looks like I am just about smack dab in the middle of the North American continent.

Manitoba might be a very nice place to move to… but it gets bloody cold!!!

And today I celebrate Pretzel Day and I have completed 2,541.3 miles.

I watched the last two episodes of VEEP while cycling this morning. I keep having to say to myself that this is just a TV show, that this is not the real life of the political circles in our glorious nation’s capital. But writers do have to have sources and roots for their thoughts and ideas. It truly is a very funny and riotous presentation of the foibles of our illustrious elected officials… and the nannies, and paper pushers, and power-hungry wanna-bees. On to Season Two.

EssbeeCon has arrived in Denver. The border has been attached to our new Equality quilt. The Amulet has been loaded to our Longarm and the new quilting design is in process. A new wall hanging, Ladies on The Boardwalk is going to muslin. And we’ve begun another new quilt – Tampa Kaleidoscope. Updates always at Quilts SB.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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