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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 130 1/2 - Jim's Trek - Today I Rest - Yeah, Right!

Good Day,

Today is Day 130 1/2 on my Schwinn 150 Trek from Tampa to Seattle. Out of the blue, I decided that I would just take the day off from my cycling. I also decided that after the next 130 days I would take another day off.

It is time to examine my Trek and search for more Interlake address stops and goals for the remainder of my trip. There is also only 2 days left to the Tax filing deadline.

"B" marks my current location in North Dakota. I have completed 18 Interlake address goals. I have been able to find six more from this point before I actually reach my final destination in Seattle. I'm searching for a few more.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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