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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 127 – Jim’s Trek – 21.2 Miles – Change Your Name?

Good Day,

Well my 600 calories daily goal today just took me a little bit longer. On my Schwinn 150 I clocked 21.2 miles in about 1 hour and 11 minutes while burning the 600. I have to really change my mindset now that I have picked the 600 calories burned goal. Adding the 21.2 miles to my 127th day total means that I have crossed the 2,200 mile mark.

My destination today is on US-10 West between Private Road and 120 Avenue. The scenery on the road has not changed for a couple of days… blue skies, green pasture, and empty road. Nice and quiet.

Now I do not understand something. April 9th, today is National Name Yourself Day. And I did find that some people celebrate today as Chinese Almond Cookie Day. Why?

The Tudors – Introduce Catherine Howard. Marriage to Anne of Cleves annulled. Thomas Cromwell, off with his head. Damn the High Executioner should never have got that drunk the night before.

Test 40 has arrived at the Quilt Festival of New England in New Hampshire. Colored Windows II, Coral Steps, and MEM911 have begun their journey to the International Quilt Festival of Ireland. Metropolis is now in Salt Lake City in preparation for Home Machine Quilting Show. Cosmo’s Moon will soon be leaving for Salt Lake City and EssbeeCon will be on its way to Denver.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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