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Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 132 – Jim’s Trek – 20.2 Miles – 69.94% Completed On My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

This morning on Day 132 of my Schwinn 150 Trek I burned off 600 calories; translated 20.2 miles. I am located at N Dakota 18 N/N Dakota 200 W, northwest of Portland, North Dakota. My Google image doesn’t show much white on the ground. The temperature at Portland is now 31°F and there is a 90% chance of snow. One thing positive about the white stuff, the pollen count is 1 out of 12… On the other hand, the pollen count in Tampa is 8.5 out of 12. Bless you.

I think the weather reporting at Wunderground is a bit screwy. It is reporting that the temperature right now at my home in Tampa is 96.3°F. I think that someone incorrectly entered the external thermometer.

This morning I have now hit 69.94% of my original Tampa to Seattle goal. My total miles clocked to date are 2,308.7. I will probably hit my 19th Interlake address goal tomorrow.

Yesterday I was playing songs for CK on my iPhone… As soon as Bob Marley’s Buffalo Soldiers began, CK was smiling and bouncing… and he appeared to be singing each time the chorus began “Woy, yoy, yoy…”

The Tudors – Scratch off Dereham, Culpeper, Lady Northrup, and Catherine Howard.  Chopped off heads, hangings, and quartering.  That was this episode. New season of The Borgias began... Somewhat confusing, more people dying and being killed. I also started watching the new PBS miniseries Mr. Selfridge about the creation of a new-type of department store in 1908 London. And Game of Thrones, Season 3 and Episode 3 is confusing. Some much information, so little time. And did someone say I was NOT into series?

Waiting for red fabric for our Equality quilt. To be delivered today. First draft of Waterfall quilt completed. Cosmo’s Moon quilt wall hanging is now undergoing our final examine before shipping. To date 2,923 people have tuned in and checked out our Cosmo’s Moon on Quilts SB Facebook. I need to examine the status of all our quilts and wall hangings in progress. Tune in to Quilts SB.

I am now examining a remake of my A Genealogy Hunt site. This will take some time as I have already posted 1,063 Posts. Thank you Bernard and Kathrine. I will definitely take suggestions.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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