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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 137 – Jim’s Trek – 20.4 Miles – The Tudors Finale

Good Day,

The young man is now in custody.

This morning I seemed to be a wee bit more enthusiastic regarding my cycling on my Schwinn 150. I burned 601 calories and completed 20.4 miles. To date I have now clocked 2,412.1 miles. My time is now 1 hour and just under 6 minutes. My weight is remaining stable at 167.6 lbs.

Today I cycled by Cavalier, North Dakota and I am located on ND 18 N just north of 96th Street NE. Cavalier’s apparent claim to fame; it was founded in 1877 and its zip code is 58220. I now have 146 miles to reach my next Interlake address goal and I have 1,609 miles remaining in my Trek to my ultimate Seattle goal.

I missed noting that yesterday was DNA Day… and now I understand why I received so many unsolicited emails inciting me to have my DNA tested. And today is somewhere lost in the past. It is Record Store Day. With digital music, iTunes, and Amazon, I suppose I could bring out my old vinyl albums and decorate for this evening’s supper.

And today, on my Schwinn 150, I watched the final episode of The Tudors. Charles of Suffolk passes away. Henry prepares for his own death. Holbein is commissioned to capture an ultimate portrait of His Majesty. Now I must find a new visual and mental stimulus to preoccupy me while I am exercising on my Schwinn 150. The second season of Continuum begins tomorrow. I was thinking about working with Warehouse 13 and with Mad Men. My secret to working my exercise is to ensure that there are no commercial breaks included in what I am watching. It works for me.

Our EssbeeCon quilt is on route to the Denver National Quilt Festival VIII. Work continues now on the borders for our new Equality quilt. And Cosmo’s Moon arrived in Jacksonville, Florida this morning on its trip to the Home Machine Quilt Show in Salt Lake City.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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