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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 138 – Jim’s Trek – 22.5 Miles – O Canada

Good Day,

Today I cycled 22.5 miles and I crossed the border from North Dakota, United States into Manitoba, Canada. O Canada…and I am now north of the town of Altona, “The Sunflower Capital of Canada”… And the temperature in Altona is 0°C (32°F)… It is somewhat cool in Tampa. Right now 68°F (20°C).

And you say that my compass on my Schwinn 150 must be a wee bit on the fritz? I'm on MB-30 N. Yes I am headed north, and yes I am still on my way to Seattle…but I have just discovered another Interlake address point, and of course I have to add to my list of sub-goals of my Trek.

As of today I have cycled 2,434.6 miles on my Trek from Tampa to Seattle, with a few tangents and detours.

Abu Ye! Abu Ye Abu ye! Abu ye! Don’t get your feet wet on this holy Grounation Day.

Why is today also Kindergarten Day? It is a Sunday… and are not the ankle-biters are at home?

Supper last night – Camarones Rancheros and Spicy Thai Cucumber Salad. A mixing of cultures but the fusion plate really tasted good together.

This morning for my viewing pleasure I watched the first two-thirds of a German movie, subtitled in English, about a young Greek man trying to succeed as the owner of a restaurant in a warehouse in Hamburg. The movie, Soul Kitchen, kept me enthralled as I read the sub-titles that I kept on cycling for a total hour and 20 minutes. A fair movie but this definitely says something about driving and reading the electronic billboards on the side of roads while paying attention to traffic.

And so today I cover a sound culture of many: American, Canadian, German, Greek, Jamaican, Ethiopian, Mexican, and Thai. What can I say? I enjoy myself. My weight just went up one pound but my waist is still measuring at 36 inches. I've lost eight inches on my waist and am secretly trying for another four inches. We’ll see.

Be healthy, and enjoy,


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