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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 124 – Jim’s Trek – 20.6 Miles – I Am Still Trekking

Good Day,

20.6 more miles, total to date 2,142.7… 65% of my Schwinn 150 Trek. This morning I’m headed north on MN-29. I’ve just crossed over 240th Street.

Brought my blood sugar level down with Grouper with Coconut-Red Curry Sauce. Rice with rainbow chard. A one bowl dish that was really good. I really love experimenting with food.

Henry spends the majority of this episode of The Tudors confined in mourning. He then institutes six edicts for the Church of England. Certainly sounds as if he reintroduces the Roman Catholic dictums. What happens to the Reformation?

Today is one of the most absurd days mentioned – International Pillow Fight Day. Link here and find out all the cities world-wide. My question – Why? And I think I need a pillow on my cycle seat.

Fabric arrived for our new Equality quilt, three primary plus one colors. Quilting for Cosmos’ Moon completed. Binding has been attached.

Be healthy, and enjoy,


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