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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 128 – Jim’s Trek – 21.5 Miles – Another Goal Achieved

Good Day,

Today I completed 21.5 miles and burned 602 calories. I am located on US-10 W/State Street NE just west of Glyndon, Minnesota. Right now it is 25°F in Glyndon and it is just 83°F in Tampa. This Trek on my Schwinn 150 makes sense to keep me where the warmth is.

I have now completed 2,227.3 miles on my Trek. Due to my daily ride on my Schwinn 150 Trek I have cut down my diabetes medication by half. This morning’s blood sugar count was at 97… Looks
like whatever is working by continuing on my Trek is certainly showing some positive signs.

And today I take is very easy and slow. All my Biorhythms, primary and secondary, are almost down at the furthest bottom of their cycles. Definitely will be a quiet time for the rest of this next week.

Today is National Library Day. And I love a good book, but when will we begin to celebration National Kindle Day? And I need me a good book.

Henry marries Catherine Howard in The Tudors… and Henry is beginning to slow down. There is a little animosity thrown in between Queen Catherine and her step-daughter Mary, the daughter of Catherine of Aragon. It is sort of reading the end of a book first when you know what is going to happen.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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