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Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 206 – Jim’s Trek – 23.0 Miles - Only 359 Miles To Go On My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

Day’s gonna be a great day, especially when the first think I discovered is that I had lost a credit card. I immediately dealt with the issuing agent and got that fixed.  I then received a bogus phone call, supposedly from Houston, instructing me to give over some information due to some perceived problems with my PC.  Bah and Humbug!!!

This morning 23.0 miles on my Schwinn 150. And I burned 706 calories. Now that I am eating more, to offset the calories that I am burning, I need to be careful just what and how much I eat. I couldn’t get enough food yesterday, all day… and I put on 2.2 pounds. That’s one hell of a lot of food still sitting in my gut. I was ravenous.

This morning I am located in Idaho headed south on US-95 S and I have just crossed over E. Bunco Road. I have just passed by Silverwood Theme Park. Only about 15 more miles to my next Interlake address goal point… and 359 miles, give or take, to my final Seattle destination. My arrival date should be Monday, July 15. All systems are go, and all vitals are steady.

And my Trek is off to a late start this morning, because my Baby, Taylor, was having real issues last night during her sleep. Baby, aka Taylor, is our Chocolate Lab who from a previous paralysis is crippled in her hind quarters. And she seems to be getting worse. At times she cannot get herself up off the floor and at other times her back legs lock into place and she has to drag herself. From time to time she yelps for someone to help her to get up. And at times… even though now further apart in time space, she is able to move around on her own. We've had Taylor since she was 10 weeks old and she is now 12 years old. She is my real Baby and sweetheart.

This morning’s viewing pleasure on my Schwinn 150 Trek was the third episode of The Newsroom. I am now realizing just how much I enjoyed the first season the first time through. Am definitely looking forward to the second season.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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