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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 203 - Jim’s Trek - 23.0 Miles - Today I Am In Idaho

Good Day,

Wonder if it is gonna be a good day. I began writing this day’s post with the anticipation that it was Day 204. It is actually Day 203. Maybe my anticipation of finishing my Schwinn 150 Trek almost six months earlier than planned. And when I checked my Intellectual Biorhythm cycle I did find that my cycle is at the lowest point as compared to my other cycles. And so I’m now prepared... today is a just to be a dense day.

And today I cycled a new record 23.0 miles, and I burned 704 calories on my Schwinn 150. I crossed the State line, Montana into Idaho on US-2 W Highway. I am located, headed in a westerly direction once again, on Highway US-2 W, in the northernmost County of Idaho, somewhere between the cities of Moyie Springs, population about 720, and Bonners Ferry, population 2,540.

Tomorrow it looks like I will turning south on my Trek towards my next Interlake address goal. Not sure, but I believe that this next Interlake address goal may be one of the last goal points before I reach my ultimate destination in Seattle.

To date I have cycled on my stationary Schwinn 150, since December 3, 2012 3,797.1 miles. I have lost just about about 10 pounds and 10 inches on my waist.

My blood sugar was up a wee bit this morning... definitely a result of last supper night’s accompaniments. Corn chips and a good portion of chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream covered in a chocolate shell. Oh well, I needed something sweet and salty. My averaged blood sugar count this morning was 102.1.

Question - Are we truly ready for a Cold War, Part Z? It appears that the so-called turncoat Edward Snowdon is certainly, even if it appears that he was so intent on gaining a personal spotlight, has been capable of pushing the monolithic governments of the United States, China, and Russia in that direction. He certainly has succeeded in securing a center spot on the world stage.

This morning’s Trek viewing pleasure, The Newsroom. Season II begins on July 14 on HBO. I decided that I would watch the first Season, all 10 episodes, on my Trek, in anticipation. In my opinion The Newsroom is one of the best television shows today. And the second time around... I certainly am still intrigued and well entertained.

Work continues on Tampa Kaleidoscope quilt and Sea Foam afghan. Our three quilts: Coral Steps, Colored Windows II, and MEM911 arrived home safely from Galway, Ireland. Follow our progress at Afghans SB and Quilts SB.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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