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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 179 – Jim’s Trek – 20.7 Miles – Saskatchewan Has a Giant Sand Dune

Good Day,

Today is the culmination of my every day celebration… Go Barefoot Day. I think I can count on my fingers and toes how many days, in the past 13 years I have actually worn shoes.

Today is June 1st. And it is the first day of Hurricane Season. And already this morning there is a highlighted area of tropical cyclone formation in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. Only a 10% chance but we begin the Hurricane Season with a quiet bang.

I just calculated the total mileage that I have clocked on my Schwinn 150. Today my total is now 3,295.5 miles. I am shy 5.5 miles of my original set goal of 3,301.0, the mileage of a direct route between Tampa and Seattle. Beginning tomorrow all mileage, until I reach my original target of Interlake Avenue in Seattle, are miles that are over and above my first and primary goal.

Today I am on the Trans-Canada Highway, still in Saskatchewan, just a wee bit southwest of the Town of Gull Lake. The population of Gull Lake is about 990.

And one of the regional attractions, about two hours north of Gull Lake, is the Great Sandhills Museum and Interpretive Center. Okay… a museum about a big sand dune… It, the museum, is in the Village of Sceptre. Sceptre is on the north of the Great Sand Hills and Gull Lake is on the south.

Today’s movie fare is the first part of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth film in the HP series. And introductions include Dolores Umbridge. I definitely know that I can most undoubtedly match Professor Dolores Umbridge with at least one teacher in every school I attended in each school system in every country I lived. Funny how that type of teacher always sticks out in my mind. Oh and for the Cat Lady, check out the plates on her pink office wall… All types of cats!

The eight singular planets and stars of Astro-Physics have been incorporated to the background. Andy is doing one fantastic job. I am working on a border design. The inner part Double Entendre afghan is now 46” wide and 48” long. Learning about weaving the extra, that is stray pieces, yarn back into the afghan.

And for supper tonight I try something new… Samgyeopsal gui. We’ll see tomorrow if we survive.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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