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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 190 - Jim's Trek - 21.0 Miles - On My Schwinn 150 Near The Rockies

Good Day,

My 21.0 miles today, on my Schwinn 150, has me headed in a south westerly direction. I passed through the Town of Magrath, Alberta, and a town of about 2,100 persons. It is located near the Canadian Rockies. Magrath was established in 1899 by LDS settlers originally from Utah and Idaho. Magrath is known for the “first major irrigation work in Canada”.

My total mileage to date is 3,523.6.

Our new blog Afghans SB is now up and running. I will be using this new site for our crochet work. The first two post were originally posted to our Quilts SB site. We will continue to run our Quilts SB site. As time progresses I will be working on changes and upgrades to all our blogs: A Genealogy Hunt, Quilts SB, Afghans SB, and Jim's Trek. Check out the new site - Afghans SB.

Also check in and "Like" our new Afghans SB Facebook page.

This morning my Trek viewing pleasure began the sage of Captain Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of The Caribbean. The first film is Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl. I had only previously seen this one of the four films, but as soon as I heard "Mr. Smith" and "Port Royal" I'm hooked. The first part of The Curse of the Black Pearl sets the scene.

Last night supper - Hamburgers and Sweet Potatoes on the grill.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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