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Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 181 – Jim’s Trek – 20.1 Miles – My Schwinn 150 Trek Continues

Good Day,

And today I completed 20.1 miles on my Schwinn 150. My Trek to Seattle is getting shorter and shorter. Again I am still located in the Province of Saskatchewan somewhere headed west on the Trans-Canada Highway and I am just about at the intersection of Range Road 3253.

I am now about 323 miles from my next Interlake address destination. I am also somewhere in the vicinity of 862 miles from my final Seattle destination. My total miles on this 181st day of my Trek equals 3,336.3. If I continue at my rate of 20 miles per day I should be rolling into Interlake Avenue in Seattle on Tuesday, July 16, 2013. Guess I have got to start thinking about what goal(s) I need to set when I do complete my final destination.

Viewing pleasure on this morning’s Trek was the beginning part of the sixth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Two new characters enter: Narcissa Malfoy and Professor Horace Slughorn. I am still wondering when and if there will be another, excluding the Twilight series, similar type Harry Potter series of films in the short future.

Watched a movie the other night that I truly did not understand. The Big Year. This 2011 film is stacked with primo actors and unless I really am in the dark I was confused. Not confused about the theme or the plot of the movie. I wasn’t lost about the storyline. I am just trying to understand the reasoning for the film. It only recouped back about 18% of what it cost to make. Why did someone decide to make it? And then there is my question about are there really people that do this? Why?  And then I have to ask is my Trek anything different than the essence of The Big Year?

Last night’s supper increased my blood sugar count this morning… but I still kept it in the normal range. It was just too good to stop eating. I made a Chicken and Chinese Broccoli stir fry and served it with Jasmine rice. I should not have eaten as much.

The inner top of Double Entendre afghan is just about complete. The border for our Astro-Physics quilt is progressing well. I should be taking a quick image and publishing it to Quilts SB shortly.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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