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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 204 - Jim’s Trek - 20.5 Miles - Reached Over 3,800 Miles on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

My desktop PC is back in the house. Hard Drive number 3 replaced, and I didn’t lose any data or functionality. I am now back in full swing, sort of. There is an issue with the Internet connection on my motherboard which will have to be examined... but I can continue for the time being using the wireless connections.

Today’s miles on my Schwinn 150, 20.5. Total to date - 3,817.6. I am located in Idaho headed south on US-2 W/US-95 S. I have stopped for the day just below West Elmira Road and I am en route toward Cindy Lane. I have about 60 miles until my next Interlake address goal.

Supper last night was fresh corn on the cob with cracked peppercorns and grouper fillets coated in a parmesan mayonnaise chili paste. Sounds sort of weird but was quite shocked how good it was. And the whoops factor in preparing the plate was that the bottom of the pepper mill broke open and the plate and the floor was covered in peppercorns. And I had just re-filled the pepper mill. There were little black peppercorns all over the place... and the Pack tried to help us gather them all up. Peppered-puppies popping peppercorns.

Blood sugar is back down to a reasonable 98 mg/gL. I have now gone eight days without any diabetes medication.

I got side tracked this morning watching the live production of the Zimmerman trial while on my Trek. I now am certainly glad that there are editors on shows such as Law and Order and even with the old Perry Mason. I think I developed a number of new grey hairs just listening to both the Prosecuting and Defending attorneys cross-examine the witness.

And in this house I can not sit down without one of The Pack members, in this case Max, deciding that s/he has to examine what I am doing... Or s/he feels that s/he should share the same chair and/or space.

Tampa Kaleidoscope progress - 4 strips of hexagons completed. 12 more to go. 5th row of clusters added to Sea Foam. Width now 11 inches. Just received noticed that our three quilts: Tampa Lightning, Blue Diamonds, and Civil War Re-Enactment I, have all been accepted to the Diamond State Quilts Show 2013 in Newark, Delaware.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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