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Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 188 – Jim’s Trek – 21.0 Miles – Continuing Through Alberta on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

Today’s Trek on my Schwinn 150, on the Crowsnest Highway, reached 21 miles. I am headed west and my location this morning is right at the McCain processing plant in Coaldale, Alberta. Potatoes, Florenceville, New Brunswick, 1957 – the McCain Brothers, quite a story.

I have now traveled a total of 3,481.2 miles on my Trek. I have to start thinking about what I will do once I reach my ultimate destination in Seattle.

Well, yesterday I did my annual visit to the local Walmart. And as per usual I kept repeating to myself, “Why, did I ever think about gracing the entrance?” It was Sunday afternoon and I was expecting some sort of decorum and a bit of “up-dressing”, thinking of course, because it was Sunday. Hell was I wrong!

And where do these people come from? Do we actually share the same space on this little ole planet in our solar system in the vast galaxy of this Milky Way? I was asking the other day as to why if there may be intelligent life, somewhere circling around in this universe, why had they not got into contact with us before. I now know the answer.

They, the aliens, must have arrived and checked out the local Walmart. The aliens must have repeated a numerous times, on deaf ears, “We come in peace. We come in peace. Excuse me please.” They then must have mounted their rocket steeds, and got out of our ionosphere as quickly as they could zoom away.

Our new blog Afghans SB is now up and running. I will be using this new site for our crochet work. The first two posts were originally posted to our Quilts SB site. We will continue to run our Quilts SB site. As time progresses I will be working on changes and upgrades to all our blogs: A Genealogy Hunt, Quilts SB, Afghans SB, and Jim's Trek.

All crocheting has been completed for Double Entendre afghan. Got to tie up the loose ends. The third star has been finished for our Astro-Physics quilts and wall-hanging. Definitely check Quilts SB and Afghans SB for our progress and updates.

Oh and by the way, do not feel obligated to follow any of my blogs. You definitely know where your Delete button is on your keyboard. The choice is yours.

I sort of missed my entertainment travelling companion, Harry Potter, this morning. I decided to re-watch the finale of the 3rd Season of Game of Thrones. This episode was somewhat of a light denouement to the penultimate chapter and Red Wedding last week. It definitely is setting the scene and the story lines for the beginning of the 4th Season.

I contacted the Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department this morning after the immediate and level of flooding of the street in front of my house yesterday. The rainy season has just begun… The highest the flood waters rose in the street was in 1984 during Hurricane Elena. Yesterday, this happened just too, too fast. An electronic submission of my concern has gone and all-things-being-equal the Public Utilities Department will be out as soon as possible to check the drainage culverts. I have started the clock ticking.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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