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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 198 – Jim’s Trek – Only 506 Miles To Go

Good Day,

And Jim's Trek continues on my Schwinn 150. This morning I completed 21.5 miles. I'm located on US-2 W just on the northern shore of McGregor Lake. I am now 185 miles from my next Interlake address goal.

I am now only 506 miles to the end of my Trek from Tampa to Seattle. All-things-being-equal I should pull into my final destination about July 15. Guess I have to decide soon what I will be doing, or should I say where will I be going on my Schwinn 150 next. Any ideas?

Well I’ll be out of connection with my desktop PC for the next couple of days. It is time to take it in for its six-or-so-month checkup. It is having a few issues starting up Microsoft, even though I can operate my Linux operating system. I learned a number of years ago that it is a good idea to have my PC serviced every so often… It is a habit that will have it humming at top functionality in a couple of days.

Day 2 of no diabetes medications. My blood sugar count dropped, positively, by 2 points, and my average dropped to 102.5.

This morning's viewing film was the fourth in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, On Stranger Tides.  Introductions are made to Blackbeard and his daughter, Angelica.  And then there are the mermaids... or are they sirens.  It appears that everyone is looking for the Fountain of Youth.  And I do have a question - What is Uncle Vernon Dursley doing dressed in the gold finery?

Be healthy and enjoy,


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