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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 208 – Jim’s Trek – 22.0 Miles – Made It To Washington State – Last State

Good Day,

Mucho thunder in the distance and overhead today. Florida shortly welcomes Month Two of our Hurricane Season. Great day to wade through paper.

Today I crossed over the Idaho Washington border from West Elder to East Elder Road. Isn't there something coincidental about the name of the road?  Hallelujah! I am in the last state of my Schwinn 150 Trek. This morning I completed 22.0 miles and I am now located on WA-27 N headed toward South Chapman Road.  And this morning I broke the 3,900th mile on my Trek; total miles 3,903.6.

On the 12th day of no diabetes medication my morning blood sugar count appears to be holding at a daily average of 101.7 mg/dL or 5.64 mmol/L. Last night’s late supper of sushi definitely is part of the plan to main a good diet regime. This morning I burned 702 calories.

And here is something to think about. From a Forbes article, dated June 29, Drugmakers Should Not Decide Study Disputes in Court. This article is something to think about, especially with every Tom, Dick, and Susan suing every Tom, Dick and Susan these days.
“However, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit rejected the notion that the scenario amounted to false advertising. Why? The court reasoned that the issue comes down to opinion versus fact – generally, statements of pure opinion are protected by the First Amendment, but the line between fact and opinion is not always clear, the court wrote…”
I suppose all the disclaimers and the fine print are the current day flimflam purveyors saying “I told you so.”  All-things-being-equal was it not a study?

And today MW it is Meteor Watch Day…but I guess you already knew that. But as we are so close to Canada Day, July 1st and Independence Day, July 4th my guess is that the skies over North America will include a veritable number of flying meteors. And The Pack will be quivering under my feet due to loud sis, boom, and  bahs. Today is also Log Cabin Days encouraging us to step away from the world of electronic and electricity we have so accustomed to ourselves. BB is this a Republican celebration thing? Just asking.

November 2013 is the scheduled month for the elimination of iGoogle. I have not made any viable effort to wean myself from iGoogle. Guess what? I have I have four months to do it.

Episode 5, The Newsroom – Many persons in the Newsroom are bandaged and Egypt is erupting. This episode is definitely a feel good chapter.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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