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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 187 – Jim’s Trek – 20.5 Miles – Moving West in Alberta on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

This day I completed 20.5 miles on my Schwinn 150 Trek. I am in Alberta on the Crowsnest Highway just shy of Fincastle. Fincastle is listed as a Populated Locality in the Municipal District of Taber. The approximated population of the District of Taber and it includes 18 towns, villages, hamlets, localities, and other places.

As of this morning I have 200 miles remaining until I reach my next Interlake address goal. Also there is now 538 miles after that until my ultimate destination. I am now averaging 18.7 miles a day.

Well what do you call a Yum salad that is made with left-over turkey? And I said why the hell not. Left-over turkey, cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, Thai chilies, Thai basil, peanuts, scallion, fish sauce, rice wine, lemon juice, sugar, pepper, and sesame seeds… And oh yeah the lettuce basket. Well? ตุรกีสลัด - Turrraaki salad… sort of like Yum Turkey.

Watched Seven Years in Tibet. This 1997 film starring Brad Pitt about the true story of Heinrich Harrer. An interesting film based on Harrer’s book of the same name. There is an original 1956 documentary film of the same title which was entered into the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. I wonder if I may get a copy?

And today I watched the final installment of the Harry Potter series. I am still enthralled at the level of storytelling J.K. Rowling created in her series. Now I must find my next viewing pleasure for my Trek.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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