Jim's Trek V, my exercise journey now on my Schwinn 170 from Tampa to parts unknown...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 195 – Jim’s Trek – 21.0 Miles – Yes Virginia, This Is A Real Virtual Trek On My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

Another 21.0 miles on my Schwinn 150 Trek. Today I am located in Montana at the Town of West Glacier. I am at the intersection of the Glacier Route Road and Highway 2. I will be taking a right on Highway 2 as I head in a southwesterly direction towards my next Interlake address goal point.

It has been brought to my attention that a number of readers of Jim’s Trek actually believe that I am on a bicycle trip, from Tampa to Seattle, on a Schwinn bicycle. The notion is that I am literally and physically trekking across North America. Well my response is “Thank you.” Thank you but I have to inform you that my Trek, Jim’s Trek is and has been a virtual trip with real, actual physical results. I have been cycling on a stationary Schwinn 150 cycle.

On my first real posting of my trip I wrote about my Trek and my intended goal “on a stationary bike, across the North American Continent.” (Check out Day 1 – My Trek Begins – Only 3,301 Miles To Go. Also check out the five Pre-Day postings written just before.) The virtual part of my Trek is in actual fact an imaginary bicycle trip where I am really cycling an equivalent distance. I have cycled physically and recorded, to date, 3,628.2 miles.

As I have mentioned a number of times throughout the writings of my Trek I have created a trip, albeit fictional, to provide me with a number of goals. I am the type of individual who needs to achieve by the setting of goals. I can say that I am also one who creates many goals, and sub-goals. Hence Jim’s Trek major goal is a goal to commit to a regime of exercise.

On this 195th day I believe I can say that I have achieved and continue to accomplish this goal. To help me to commit myself to this goal I added some superfluous sub-goals. These sub-goals have helped and continue to assist me to fulfill my overall objective – to commit to exercise.

And of course there have been a number of fantastic results… all due to my exercising on my Schwinn 150. I have thus far reduced my waist measurement from 44” to 34 ½”. I have dropped eight pounds. I have maintained my blood sugar levels at a daily average of 101.9 mg/dL. I have reduced my diabetes medication by 75%.  (After today, I try to reduce it by 100%.)  I have eliminated any acid-reflux medication. I know my cholesterol and blood-pressure levels have reduced positively, and today I meet with my Cardiologist.

Another positive outcome is my writing. I am writing every single day of my Trek. Life could be boring, but it certainly isn’t as I also let my fictional and creative processes, at times, run wild… and right now I am somewhere in The Rockies, in Montana… or on the Black Pearl with Capt’n Jack Sparrow.

Film number three of the Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End began this morning… Capt’n Jack Sparrow is rescued from Davy Jones locker, I think. Lot of noise and shooting and the tremendous make-up, as also in the previous films of the series. Not sure who is the good versus the evil versus the evil, and if there is/are any good, but the films are a definite enjoyable accompaniment to my Trek.

And last night’s meal included Montreal Dry Garlic Spareribs… This is definitely one dish that I will continue to repeat. I am so, so very glad that I located the recipe and it is ever so simple to do on the top of my stove. It is also one of those dishes that I always ask and wonder why had not made any more.

Progress continues on Sea Foam afghan and our quilts Astro-Physics and Tampa Kaleidoscope. New images will be up shortly. Check our progress at Quilts SB and Afghans SB.

Thank you to all who do read Jim’s Trek. Thank you for your positive feedback and thank you for truly believing that there is a thin line between fact and fiction. Or should I say fiction and fact?

Be healthy and enjoy,