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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 196 – Jim’s Trek – 21.2 Miles – Better Results Than Expected on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

Another 21.2 miles on my Schwinn 150. Total to-date 3,649.4 miles, 531.1 left to go to my final destination at Seattle, Washington. I am located this morning on the Montana Highway 206 heading south, just a shade west of Flathead National Forest.

And this morning it is certainly humid in Tampa at Interlake Drive. Just take a gander out to the pool and patio. One knows that the wet season is upon us here in Central Florida…

Due to the exercise, in consultation with my Cardiologist, I have stopped the use of three of my meds. Two definitely eliminated and the third reduced by one of the paired chemicals. Obviously I’ll be monitoring the effects. My blood pressure this morning, before cycling was 113/78. Not bad. All-things-being-equal it appears that the exercise, my cycling, has had a very positive consequence. My morning blood sugar count is 100, and I burned 617 calories.

Supper last night – Homemade Turkey Lentil Soup and Pasta Salad. Both dishes were created from leftovers and food-items found in the refrigerators. Great big pot of Turkey Lentil Soup resulted in six extra jars in storage… I was definitely thinking of the Three Crones in MacBeth as I was double, double toiling and troubling. The magic worked, the refrigerators are cleared.

This morning’s viewing pleasure was the second part of Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End, the third film. The Brethren Court assembled… of Pirate Captains of undetermined ages. It reminded me of our current day House and Senate filibustering, and a number of elected and appointed persons. It is all in the posing for the class photos.

Work continues on the piecing of the half-hexagons to create the strips for our Tampa Kaleidoscope. (I wonder why I can never spell the word Kaleidoscope correctly each time.) Work is now in process to determine quilting designs for a number of our completed tops. Check out our progress at Quilts SB. Sea Foam, our new afghan, is under construction. The third set of clusters is being created. Status updates provided at Afghans SB. Oh and by the way, only one more “Like” required to make Afghans SB an official Facebook Page.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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