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Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 41 – (AD 264) – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.6 Miles – The Odometer Turned 5,100 Miles

Good and Happy Labor Day,

Today I enjoyed this Labor Day with my grandson and family. And as I entered the room this miniature little person came walking up to his Grandpa. Good times.

And so I am writing my post to Jim’s Trek in the later part of this afternoon. This morning I did complete my cycling on my Schwinn 150. I cycled 21.6 miles. I am headed south on CA-113-3 toward Subacco Road. I am located about 35 miles north of Sacramento, California. Today my odometer turned to 5,115.3 miles.

In celebration of Piano and Chicken month I did sit and plunk out the theme of the TV show Green Acres. And barbequed chicken, roast corn, salad were the bill of fare. Thank you B&J. Happy birthday and cake for RH.

Well I can’t find my car keys. I can’t find my cell phone. I can’t find one of the dogs. Well fear not St. Anthony can help. He’s the patron saint for finding lost objects. Not being blasphemous but…but wait, just wait. For only $2.49 plus s&h I can get my own, my very own, Glow in the Dark St. Anthony Statue at TotallyCatholic.com. Just think after a few choice words yelled out in vain and a search of almost every nook and cranny in this hoarder’s house I can have my very own Glow in the Dark St. Anthony Statue. Turn off the lights and watch in awe and wonder as my very own Glow in the Dark St. Anthony Statue begins to radiate in a green ghostly shimmer and shine. Look what I have found. I track down my car keys. I have found my cell phone… But I can find one of the dogs. Guess I need a new $2.95 engraved pewter medal with a beautiful image of St. Francis…

My viewing choice on my Schwinn 150 this morning was Mad Men, Season 3 and Episode 13. Dissolution of business and marriage are forefront. On to Season 4.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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