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Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 66 - (AD 289) - Jim's Trek Part II - The Sequel - 20.8 Miles - Somewhere in The Desert in California

Good Day,

Today I finished another 20.8 miles on my cycling Trek on my Schwinn 150.  This morning I am located somewhere south of the Edwards AFB.  I have just turned right off East Avenue E on to 140th Street E.

Yes this appears to be a virtual trip in the California desert, and I am 166 miles from my next Interlake address goal.  In Tampa the humidity is down and the sun is now out, for some time.

My current stats and personal successes -
  • Location – Somewhere near Rosamond Dry Lake Bed,California
  • Sequel Distance – 20.8; Total 1,315.2 miles
  • Grand Total Miles – 5,572.3
  • Calories Burned - 618
  • Weight – 164.2 lbs; Total Loss – 6.6 lbs
  • Belly Measurement - 33"; Total Loss - 11"
  • Blood Sugar - 84 mg/dL
  • Blood Pressure – 118/76
  • BMI – 22.9
I am riding my Schwinn 150. My Schwinn 150 is made by and is a product of  Schwinn Fitness, a division owned by Nautilus, Inc. of Vancouver, Washington. The outdoor Schwinn bicycle line is owned and a product of Dorel Industries of Montreal, Canada.  I did not know that Mr. Pee Wee Herman, and to think that I may have walked on Green Avenue when I lived in Montreal.

My viewing this morning was the 1946 Colonel Effingham's Raid. Nothing ever changes... The plot involves a retired career Army colonel who returns to his hometown in about 1940, starts writing a column in a local newspaper and takes on the corrupt local politicians to not replace the historic county courthouse.

And does anything ever change? Politics and green eggs and ham.  Maybe the self-identified gatekeepers should elevate their education and levels of understanding to the extent of Dr. Seuss.  I was wondering about paramecia, and then I thought "Why bother?"

Be healthy and enjoy,


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