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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 44 – (AD 267) – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.1 Miles - On My Schwinn Still in California

Good Day,

And today I continue with another 21.1 miles on my Schwinn 150. I have now, on my return trip from Seattle to Tampa cycled 923.2 miles. My complete trip has now reached a total of 5,180.3 miles.

I am located, virtually via Google Maps, headed east on West Walnut Grove Road toward Blossom Road. I am on the road between Walnut Grove, population about 1,550, and Thornton, population 1,130, in California. I am also between the two Counties of Sacramento and San Joaquin.

My fasting blood sugar dropped again to 110.  It still is a wee bit up and my goal is to get it to drop another 20 points.  Without any of my diabetes meds I am still working it to bring my average fasting count lower.

I wasn't looking for this but when I found it I am a bit flabbergasted. This advertisement on Storenvy.com is also a wee bit confusing. (Storenvy is an online marketplace and store of thousands of indie, aka independent, merchants.) And I am just lost…which of course isn't anything new. The ad mentions seven Religion Rangers but shows and describes five. Also it is not clear whether the cost is $55.00 each or for the five shown or for all seven. I am so confused.

For only $55.00 from Storenvy.com…

The religion Rangers at first is a group of seven colour-coded religious teenagers who assemble weekly to destroy anti-religious enemies deployed by their arch nemesis, Philistine Phil and his cohorts, heretic Herb and Blasphemy Barbera.

The Rangers are Employed by the floating head of Jesus, trapper in big painting, otherwise known as Jesus-face. Also his robot assistant, Halo-5, who is actually a dog wrapped in tinfoil.

Each ranger has a Religion weapon, a Religionzord and special superpower bestowed upon them by Jesus-face. The Religion Rangers group edition comes with their own Religion...

Atheist Religion Ranger - white
Islam Atheist Religion Ranger - blue
Jewish Atheist Religion Ranger - green
Satanist Atheist Religion Ranger - red
Hindu Atheist Religion Ranger - yellow


Not much more that I can say about Religion Rangers...

And yes I have started a new blog site, Jim's Gotta Eat. This is a challenge and a dared request.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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