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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 60 - (AD 283) - Jim's Trek Part II - The Sequel - 21.7 Miles - Still in California on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

This morning's cycle miles totaled 21.7; grand total now 5,528.6. I am still located on CA-33 S/West Side Highway and it certainly looks dry.

Apart from my exercise this morning on my Schwinn 150, Radar was able to Houdini himself out of his harness. Another hour was spent traipsing and running around in the neighborhood chasing after that dog. And he managed to slip out of the new strait jacket harness that I had just bought. I am now going to create my own combo-harness-strait jacket. I have taken two of his harnesses and have made a contraption of straps and buckles. We'll see if he can outsmart me the next time.  The score now is Radar - 6, Jim - 0.

This morning's viewing while on my Schwinn 150 was a James Bond movies. I think I mentioned it before but a movie with more action appears to cause me to cycle at a quicker pace than one that is less strenuous. This morning I actually burned more calories, 643, than I have when watching a more sedentary-type show. I wonder if this could be attributed to the fast pace and action scenes?

My Sea Foam afghan has been completed and my detailed and final write up can be seen at Afghans SB. I have now gathered the colored yarn for the next project. Stay tuned.

The quilting and the binding and our label have all been finished for Blumish Two.  Stay tuned to Quilts SB for my pending write-up. Next on the progress schedule is the quilting of our Tampa Kaleidoscope.

Our Blumish Two and Cosmo's Moon are now being readied to be shipped to Portland.  Both have been accepted as finalists at the 2013 MQX Quilt Festival - Pacific Northwest.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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